the 5 essential capsule wardrobe pieces you need to have

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5 Classic jewelry pieces every woman should have

See, a look ain’t nothing without some jewelry, am I right? This is what makes or breaks a look, literally. It makes us stand out and also be unique. Today, we’re going to talk about essential jewelry pieces every woman should have in her jewelry box and where to find items like that. Continue reading and you’ll learn a lot!


How to look put together with zero effort

Let me tell you a little secret – it doesn’t matter how much does your outfit cost. A look for 50 bucks can outshine a look for 5000 simply by being more put together. In this post I’m going to teach you how exactly to look more put together. And you’ll see that these startegies requite minimum to zero effort. Really easy to take advantage of, continue reading!

Helping you Feel Good in your skin

personal style

Everybody is unique in their own way. Key thing I want to showcase in this blog is how to discover your personal style and take the most advantage of it.

tips and tricks

Secret hacks on how you can look polished with putting any effort in... Just an example to what's waiting for you when you dive deeper.

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Getting ideas is pretty cool but having the idea + a direct shopping link where to purchase an item is even better, right?

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